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Brown Betty teapot

Authentic and genuine English teapot called "Brown Betty" and made by the veteran house of Price & Kensignton teapots.

This functional and characteristic teapot began to be made in 1685 based on a red clay discovered in Stoke-on-Trent. This kind of clay seemed to keep heat better and was the characteristic material of these teapots that from the 19th century began to acquire the typical pot-bellied shape of the "Brown Betty", later adding the enamel called Rockingham glaze. During the Victorian era, preparing tea in one of these teapots was synonymous with good work, since the space in the teapot allowed the tea leaves to unfold their full flavor and retain less bitterness.

Teapots are available with 2 and 6 cup capacity. Choose the one that suits you best according to your capacity.

The filters specially designed for them are the ideal complement to infuse the loose leaf tea.

Dimensions: 2 cups ( 12 x 18 cm)

Dimensions: 6 cups (22 x 16 cm)

  • 2 tazas
  • 6 tazas


386 g

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